About 1211 Squadron

What is 1211 Squadron all about?

1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron is the premier youth organisation in South Derbyshire and participates in all of the activities that the Air Cadet Organisation has to offer, plus extra curricular activities which sets us apart from other Air cadet units.1211 also helps charities and the local community, we set a prime example for youth and adults in the local area to be proud of. Much more information about the activities we take part in is detailed within the About 1211 Squadron Menu, this includes:

Qualifications (e.g. BTEC)
Night Exercises
Millennium Volunteers
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Charity work including collections

SGT Wright

Since I have joined cadets, I’ve learned to be a good team leader and feel I have gained many achievements, both through qualifications and skills.

CDT Evans

I really enjoy cadets and find it brilliant, you can do lots of things in cadets and most of them you cannot do anywhere else. I would encourage anyone to join.

CDT Wolny

I Find cadets interesting and fun at the same time, the squadron normally has activities going on such as DofE, flying and shooting. They have also improved my confidence and social skills.

CPL Allen

Cadets to me are an opportunity for making great friends and having the choices to do things I never dreamt I would do. You can get many things out of cadets for example i have entered public speaking competitions witch has lead on to explaining lectures to groups of 100 approx.